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AI and Medical Devices - Finding the Sweet Spot
AI is coming to healthcare and will change medical devices. Are you ready?

Moshe Safran, CEO of RSIP Vision USA presents:

"Adding value to medical devices with AI - case studies from echocardiology and orthopedics"

Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO & Chairman | Medio Labs + Brainworks presents:

“Novel Health-tech Applications Enabled by Artificial Intelligence”


- Tips & best practices for medical AI implementation
- Choosing the right application for a value add
- How AI is reducing healthcare complexity, overhead and expenses
- Shifts from health crisis treatment towards preventive care.
- Challenges & lessons learned

- Case Studies:
* Automated and ambient vital signs
* Revolution in molecular diagnostics

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.

Average audience rating for Medical Device Playbook events: 9/10! "Honestly, I am very impressed with the caliber of guests and topics covered today. Keep up the good work."


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Moshe Safran
CEO @RSIP Vision U.S
Moshe Safran is the CEO of RSIP Vision U.S. He leads RSIP’s business development for the United States, which represents the company's largest market. Moshe works with the company’s partners to power their products and services by developing AI and computer vision modules. He also oversees customer communication and project management, while providing expert guidance in algorithm development, planning and execution of new projects. Moshe has been with RSIP Vision for more than 12 years. From 2016–2019, he was the Vice President of Research and Development (R&D), creating new ways for the company to solve complex technological challenges through AI. Moshe has worked his way up through the ranks at RSIP Vision, first as an Algorithm Developer from 2008–2010, Algorithm Team Leader and Research Scientist from 2010–2016, VP of R&D, and now CEO. Moshe received his BS in physics and graduate degree in computational neuroscience from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Phillip Alvelda
Co-Founder and CEO @Medio Labs
Phillip Alvelda is the co-founder and CEO of Medio Labs, which develops and applies next-generation neuroscience-enabled artificial intelligence systems. Dr. Alvelda was a program manager at DARPA's Biological Technologies and founding CEO of MOBITV, which launched the first live mobile-TV. He founded The MicroDisplay Corporation, a manufacturer of HDTV- and VR-headset miniature displays. Dr. Alvelda also developed spacecraft hardware and computing architectures, including sensors for the Space Shuttle and Galileo and Magellan interplanetary spacecraft at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dr. Alvelda earned a BA in Physics from Cornell University, and Masters and PhD degrees from MIT.
Scott Phillips
Founder & CEO @StarFish Medical
Scott holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia. Prior to starting StarFish, he worked in diverse areas such as lithium battery development and manufacturing, UV spectroscopy instrumentation and hi-fi audio speakers. Under his leadership StarFish has grown into a diverse professional organization with clients around the world and 100% focus on medical devices. Scott is a Chair of the LifeSciences British Columbia board, member of the 2022 VIATEC Board of Directors, Fellow of The Canadian Academy of Engineering, winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2017 Pacific Awards Technology category, 2017 recipient of the VIATEC Technology Champion award, and volunteers with Junior Achievement, Entrepreneurs Organization, and University of British Columbia.